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Excalibier Precious Metals and its affiliates offer investors a time-honored tradition of service, backed by an international network of commodity investment professionals. Excalibier Precious Metals operates offices in the U.S. and Europe and maintains a two-way market in 14 commodity and currency products that can be purchased one of two ways:

We are the leader in precious metals with the largest precious metals dealer network in North America, serving customers on six continents. Our clients include coin and metal dealers, investors, collectors, mines, manufacturers, refiners, jewelers, investment advisors, merchants, commodity brokerage houses and central banks.

For over 30 years, the Excalabier companies have been America's precious metals investment leader. With Client transactions totaling over $57.8 million, Excalabier Deposit Company and its affiliates are known for their dedication to customer service and satisfaction. 

Excalabier's success has been built from long and fruitful relationships with our Clients. As a result of our Clients' trust in the Excalabier companies, 80% of our Clients have done repeat business, and more than 10% of our New Clients are referred to us by existing Clients. 

Excalabier is home to an experienced staff committed to serving your precious metals investment needs. 


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