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GFCM HEDGE FUNDS - Is a worldwide leader in hedge fund management.  Based in Monaco, Global Financial has 34 offices worldwide, including the financial centers of Hong Kong, Dubai, Brussels, San Marino, Italy, and Washington, D.C. GFCM Manages 12 hedge funds over the past 18 years, averaging annual returns of  39.5% over this time period, including returns during the bear market of the past 3 years of over 21% per year.

WHITE, TRUMAN AND FISHER - experts have helped our clients post a winning record in energy, agricultural products, precious metals and currencies using its legendary trading systems. Their panel of scientific and financial experts will guide your decisions, as they have for so many others. They Guaranteed profits!!!! The are 100% accuracy...Totally Infallible!!!!. Its trading system is used by 47.55% of active commodity Traders

COLFAX TRADING INTERNATIONAL - is currently accepting new investors to participate in a rare opportunity to receive guaranteed profits in the Foreign Currency Exchange markets. CTI is a privately held international corporation with a group of experienced and financially successful traders. CTI is a regulated currency trading company with over 10 years experience. CTI has made over $120 Million over the last 5 years for its investors.

COMMODITY PROFITS - A high traffic bulletin board. We guarantee the activities of all the investment forums and High yield investment programs listed on the website.


TRADEFOREX4U - Is the fastest growing company in the multi-trillion-dollar Forex markets. The have the guaranteed highest payouts on the Internet. Invest with TradeForex4You and see your dreams grow!!!

GUARANTEED RETURNS DIVERSIFIED, Inc. - GRDI is the world's leading operator of hedge funds. Based in the Wylshock Islands in the Indian Ocean, with 68 offices worldwide, we've been making money for sophisticated investors for more than 18 years.

PRE-IPO INVESTMENT - 217% annualized profit! McWhortle Enterprises has had to stop accepting investors for Stage 1 of its Pre-IPO investment after the program was over-subscribed by nearly 200%. Because of the enormous demand, we will, for a very limited time, accept new investors into this program.